Training & educating your customers, clients, and employees
on Privacy and Protecting Information Assets

Effective training and awareness programs proven to improve protection and compliance.

In simplest terms, the key to an effective data protection program is a workforce that know, understand, and apply your information security program. Yet, most organizations continue to bombard their frontline defenses of employees with incomprehensible policy manuals, abstract instructions, outright refusals, and incomplete training modules. These standard practices actually inhibit your information protection. Your workers just work around you.

With Redpoint, we incorporate proven teaching and understanding methods to get all levels of employees, customers, and vendors to internalize, comprehend, and apply the right information handling practices. In addition, we use proprietary dissemination and distribution models to meet the twin goals of both compliance and protection.

Online Information Security Training Modules

Hosted, Distance Learning Modules allow for Information Security Awareness Training On-Demand

Redpoint partners with nationally renowned experts in the field of distance or “e-learning” to provide distributed information security awareness training for employees whether at their desk in company headquarters or spread out in many outposts across the world. Redpoint provides an “Virtual Campus” for employees to log on and receive world-class data protection advice to help maintain secure business information.

Redpoint offers these distance training modules in several forms from “off the shelf” to highly customized for your specific needs. The training modules can be accessed at any time — eliminating the training gaps that come with the traditional annual training programs that miss new employees or changes in organization. In addition, each of the Redpoint programs comes with the functionality of creating required compliance documentation to verify the scope and level of training provided.

Customized Training Programs and Workshops

Information Security Awareness Training Tailored to Your Compliance and Data Protection Requirements

For many organizations, it is not realistic to attempt a “one size fits all” information security training program. Different levels of experience and expertise within your organization require differentiated education and materials in order to be most effective.

We’ve all been to seminars or presentations that were entirely too rudimentary (we all get bored) or far too complex or technical (we all get frustrated and tune out). Redpoint is keenly aware of its audience when designing and implementing its information security training programs for all levels of employees.

One other benefit of the in-person training presentations is that your organization can always opt to convert the individual, personalized training program into the full, on-demand “Virtual Campus” suite, of compliance training that can be accessed by all employees 24/7 to ensure the true availability of a highly trained and informed workforce to protect your business information.

Strategic Communication Programs

Protection of business and personal information is more than an IT or technical issue. Data protection is a communication issue.

Privacy & Data Security is about communication. You need to effectively communicate your Privacy Practices to your customers. You need to communicate your policies and procedures to your employees. Your employees need to communicate among themselves to maintain information privacy and compliance. Your legal team must communicate with Human Resources and IT. And vice versa. At times, your organization might need to communicate with law enforcement or regulators. Everyone should be able to understand and take action. All of the Redpoint programs are designed to be easily and effectively understood and applied.

Policies & Procedures . . . That People Understand

A good set of company policies and procedures is a powerful weapon in the protection of business and personal information.

Unfortunately, most company policies and procedures are vague, boring, dense, tragically over-lawyered, out of date, or a product of a cut-and-paste project in an attempt to reach some notion of “compliance.” Simply stated, your policies and procedures for protecting business information must be created so that all of your employees can understand and apply your objectives. If your businesses guidance documents are not good, clear, and actionable, you are forfeiting your company’s greatest protection against loss.