Data Protection Consulting

Our consulting services are designed to focus our diverse perspectives and experiences in legal, compliance, technical, and process review to help organizations find and fix their information security risks. Redpoint works in conjunction with all levels and departments of businesses to create truly cross-functional teams to address information security risks. Likewise, Redpoint coordinates those same groups to achieve data protection solutions and compliance measures.

Information Security Awareness Training and Privacy Programs

Without a doubt, the most overlooked aspect of information security is giving employees proper awareness training so that they can understand and apply any data protection plan or program for your business. Too often we see great organizations with robust information security programs suffer devastating data protection problems that could have been prevented by simple, effective communication and training of its employees and workforce. Even though information security training is often required by law, it is rarely part of a protection plan.

Redpoint has devised a proprietary program for effectively and efficiently communicating your company’s information security program with tailored and proven teaching and awareness training modules. These proprietary programs also include a full suite of compliance documentation to demonstrate a legally defensible compliance and protection position.

Whether Consulting or Training, Redpoint focuses on giving you and your employees the right directions for the protection of your business and customer information. We combine the highest level of legal and technical expertise with proven education and training methods to ensure that you have a complete data protection solution that can be understood and applied by all members of your team.