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RedPoint Privacy — Location Information. Track Me.

We recently moved into some great new office space.  We are happy to show it off.

Birds Eye - GeoLocation Information

The bird is suing me for Invasion of Privacy / Right of Publicity

RedPoint Privacy Advisors moved into the Meridian at Brentwood at the Intersection of Highway 40 and Hanley.  I took a few pictures during the move-in process on one of the few sunny weekends that he’ve had in St. Louis.

Glare - GeoLocation Information

Many of our friends and clients have asked about the new offices.  When told of the location, they invariably ask “Is that the EVERBANK building?”  or “Is that the BJC building?”  Yes on both accounts.  The major co-tenants are a Health Care organization and a financial institution.  Both highly regulated entities from a Privacy and Information Security perspective.

Below, this is the side of the building that has my office.  I dont know which set of windows it is, but it is one of those on the second-to-highest floor.


The next picture is actually a shot of the massive parking garage that I took from the elevated crosswalk over to the office building.  While a seemingly mundane picture, this points out a few of the very important reasons that we love this location — namely, the tenants on the first floor of the parking garage are a CLUB FITNESS and MAI LEE (the best vietnamese restaurant on the face of the Earth).



Not so nice….the policeman that apparently lurks in the shadows watching for speeders (bottom right).

The gym right next door.  I should probably go there more.


And the beloved Mai Lee.  I should probably go there less.

Inside the building.  This is the First Floor lobby.

The security desk with full surveillance capabilities (other than watching me snap this shot apparently).

6th Floor.  Not sure why I thought it was important to take this picture.

Inside RedPoint offices.

And looking back the other way.

The long hallway.

The kitchen.

And the part of the kitchen where I spend the majority of my time.  There is a reason that this picture was taken with incredibly shaky hands…

The Headless Easter Bunny is still around.  Seems like it is almost a RedPoint mascot at this point.

You can see my OLD law firm office building way way way in the distance.  Seems like even farther than that.  If you look really closely, you can see some of the little, pointed-headed weasels.

And a picture looking back in the south direction.  I include this for one very important reason — the best benefit of this new office location.  Just before the Marriott Homewood Suites in the distance is the APA of St. Louis.  Well within walking distance so I would walk down to the APA during lunches or breaks to checkout the dogs and cats visiting the APA and waiting for adoption.  It was just a matter of time …

…I got our new family dog, Pippa.  She is a wonderful little Border Collie mix.  So, moving into these offices has been totally worth it.

But we might already have outgrown our space…


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Hackers vs. Bank Robbers

The difference between hackers and bank robbers?



Hackers don’t wear clown suits.

Unless they really want to.




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New Privacy Post: Cookies? No. Sandwich? YES!

I really enjoy when something that I have written or tweeted gets picked up in someone’s daily collection of news. But this one is my favorite.  Check out the picture on the bottom left.

That is a picture of the sandwich that I ate for lunch yesterday.  I have no doubt that the phenomenal “One Meat. One Cheese. One Dollar” from Crane’s Country Store is far superior to anything that I have ever written.

Yes, this is a picture of my Hard Salami & Swiss on White sitting on the console of my truck.  I was on the way back from a discussion with State of Missouri internal auditors on privacy and data security in the Capitol (Jefferson City).  Any time that I am near Crane’s, I stop.  You should too.  You cant go wrong.  The sandwich is everything that the name implies…and more.

(Massive Diet Coke not pictured)

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What I am reading.

This weekend, I should polish off these two wonderful books.  I hope you enjoy something similarly.

Find out more about THE STORY FACTOR

Find out more about RESONATE

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