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Redpoint at SecureWorld 2011 in St. Louis

If you are coming to the SecureWorld 2011 in St. Louis, look us up.  As locals, we are happy to give you the information that you need to know on getting around the city … especially the great local places to eat, drink, and meet.

Follow us on Twitter and meet up with Anthony Martin (!/amprivacy).

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The Missing Element in Many Privacy & Information Security Awareness “Training” Programs


Adult learning principles.

Who are you training?  Who do you want to take action on your Privacy & Information Security policies?  Adults.


Why then are so many programs and service providers fully void of any application of adult learning principles and methods?  There are really two answers:  arrogance and laziness.


First, far too many lawyers, consultants, or trainers believe that they are great “speakers”…and every one loves them and their material.  This abject arrogance ignores the proven fact that not all people learn the same way.  Charm is not an effective learning strategy.
Second, it is much easier to slam bullets into a PowerPoint at the last minute than to truly research, plan, and practice for a fully effective Privacy Awareness Program.  This is blind adherence to the Compliance Checkbox mentality. “We game them a slide deck and some lunch…We can now, therefore, assume that our employees fully understand and apply our Information Security Practices.” Check the box of compliance.  Ask any Information Security professional whether Compliance = Security.  It does not.

If your organization made the correct call to engage your employees within your information security awareness programs to help protect your information assets…then it is obviously worth doing correctly.  If your provider can’t identify the adult learning techniques in its programs, find one that can.

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Videos of danah boyd on Social Media & Privacy from CFP2011 Conference



I had no idea what to expect from the 21st Annual Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference.  I had seen many web clips of danah boyd.  And I was excited to catch her presentation live.  She did not disappoint.

I was shocked to see that this short keynote on Teens, Privacy & Social Media from danah boyd had only been downloaded a handful of times.  I was there and this is WELL WORTH the time for any person in social media or the privacy trade.  The video was divided into three segments — a total of about 30 minutes.  Click below. Trust me.


danah boyd 1/3


danah boyd 2/3


danah boyd 3/3



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Computers Freedom & Privacy Conference

Last week, I went to Washington DC to be a part of the 21st Annual Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference.  I will post the collected videos and transcripts from the conference on here shortly.  But I will put up a few of the pictures that I took first.

I actually thought that I had taken more pictures, but I was apparently too busy tweeting to snap photos.  With the likes of danah boyd, Senator Patrick Leahy, Alessandro Acquisti from Carnegie Mellon, Cameron Kerry from the Department of Commerce, Edith Ramirez from the FTC and many others, it is easy to understand why content ruled over pics.

The Georgetown Law Center hosted the event and did a fantastic job.  They really have a cool setup there with an older building (McDonough Hall) that has been updated and expanded.  The three days of the conference all had awesome weather not that we were outside much.



What little time I did spend outside was on these rows of benches and tables dealing with a few client calls and emergencies.

This did not seem like an urban, metropolitan setting.

Hart Auditorium in the Georgetown Law Center.  I LIVED in the many little balconies.  Mostly because they were hard to get to and were one of the few places in the auditorium with electrical outlets to power dying Apple devices.

There was something charmingly retro about the Auditorium.

The scene of the Happy Hour after the first day of the conference at the Dubliner (sponsored by the good folks at the Center for Democracy & Technology).

At the intersection of the new and historic section of the law school building, there is a rather narrow circular staircase.  It both fascinated and scared a good number of us.

I tried to take a few pictures of it without falling into the matrix.

The other side of McDonough Hall.

This is a quick picture that I took of the “Lawyers” panel on privacy and legal issues.  True to form, the lawyers were a bit nonchalant about incorporating technology into the presentation.  I snapped this particular one because the featured screen behind them read “NO SIGNAL — HELP.”

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