Redpoint is a coordinated team of legal, technical, and information security professionals that specializes in information security awareness programs for employees of businesses that collect and maintain personal information. Redpoint combine high-level technical expertise with the unique ability to communicate with all levels of business organizations. Redpoint offers the combined perspective of lawyers, MBAs, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Information Privacy Professionals, forensic investigators, Qualified Security Assessors for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (QSA for PCI-DSS). For RedPoint, it is important to be able to convey that collection of knowledge in a manner that is most useful to the individuals in an organization that have the day-to-day responsibility for information security.


Redpoint helps your organization move in the right direction of privacy protection and compliance by giving you the right direction in consulting and training programs. In short, RedPoint Privacy Advisors get the right things done. For example:


Redpoint views business information security issues with a perspective of collaboration among legal, technical, process, audit, compliance, and privacy professional experience. With RedPoint Privacy Advisors, you do not get the limited expertise of just one consultant. Rather, we coordinate our collective experiences using the highest level collaboration tools so that you get a single data protection contact point comprised of overlapping industry expertise — all working together.


Redpoint combines high-level technical expertise with the unique ability to communicate with all levels of business organizations. We are not like the prototypical, belligerent “IT” person or “Know-It-All” consultant that is disgusted by the perceived ignorance of users. Quite the opposite. We pride ourselves on our proven ability to create and implement security programs that work because everyone in the organization understands the issues and responsibilities. We know that the best defense in network security and data protection is an informed workforce. From the Board of Directors to a company’s first contact point with its clients, we make difficult subject matter interesting and actionable.


Redpoint makes data protection and legal compliance easy. In our perfect world, organizations would achieve both data protection and compliance. Our experience tells us, however, that businesses often focus on one over the other. Some believe meeting the bare minimum of “compliance” standards is good enough. Others overload on technical safeguards, but remain out of compliance with legal compliance because they overlooked other required security measures. Our proprietary systems and programs feature the ability to effectively and efficiently combine those twin goals so that organizations can work towards both data protection and legal compliance with privacy laws and data security standards.


Thank you for learning about us. If you want to learn more about how Redpoint can help your business with privacy and data protection issues, please call or email us. We look forward to hearing from you.