The Missing Element in Many Privacy & Information Security Awareness “Training” Programs


Adult learning principles.

Who are you training?  Who do you want to take action on your Privacy & Information Security policies?  Adults.


Why then are so many programs and service providers fully void of any application of adult learning principles and methods?  There are really two answers:  arrogance and laziness.


First, far too many lawyers, consultants, or trainers believe that they are great “speakers”…and every one loves them and their material.  This abject arrogance ignores the proven fact that not all people learn the same way.  Charm is not an effective learning strategy.
Second, it is much easier to slam bullets into a PowerPoint at the last minute than to truly research, plan, and practice for a fully effective Privacy Awareness Program.  This is blind adherence to the Compliance Checkbox mentality. “We game them a slide deck and some lunch…We can now, therefore, assume that our employees fully understand and apply our Information Security Practices.” Check the box of compliance.  Ask any Information Security professional whether Compliance = Security.  It does not.

If your organization made the correct call to engage your employees within your information security awareness programs to help protect your information assets…then it is obviously worth doing correctly.  If your provider can’t identify the adult learning techniques in its programs, find one that can.

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