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New Privacy Post: Cookies? No. Sandwich? YES!

I really enjoy when something that I have written or tweeted gets picked up in someone’s daily collection of news. But this one is my favorite.  Check out the picture on the bottom left.

That is a picture of the sandwich that I ate for lunch yesterday.  I have no doubt that the phenomenal “One Meat. One Cheese. One Dollar” from Crane’s Country Store is far superior to anything that I have ever written.

Yes, this is a picture of my Hard Salami & Swiss on White sitting on the console of my truck.  I was on the way back from a discussion with State of Missouri internal auditors on privacy and data security in the Capitol (Jefferson City).  Any time that I am near Crane’s, I stop.  You should too.  You cant go wrong.  The sandwich is everything that the name implies…and more.

(Massive Diet Coke not pictured)

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What I am reading.

This weekend, I should polish off these two wonderful books.  I hope you enjoy something similarly.

Find out more about THE STORY FACTOR

Find out more about RESONATE

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