Why Training Is So Important to Information Privacy and Data Security

Privacy and security are learned behaviors.
There may be some argument that notions of “personal” privacy are innate. Even children readily request time to just be left alone.

But, increasingly we see proof that protecting the privacy and security of our modern information is not something that comes easily to us. In fact, it seems quite the opposite. Maybe curiosity, desire, greed or other base instincts take charge over the latent respect for privacy — especially of others. And there is certainly some fault to be given to obtuse, over-lawyered policies or documents that were never written with the intent of actually equipping people with proper guidance or direction on how to protect personal information privacy and the confidentiality of data, whether business or personal.

So, we follow our new maxim that privacy and security are learned behaviors. Our challenge now is to figure out the best and most effective ways to teach, educate, and train our  friends, family and employees to respect privacy and data security.

That is what we try to do here.

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    Is the problem the infinite routes we have opened ourselves up via transactions? whether fiscal or communication even just data.

    It seems that some of our information has always been accessible to a certain volume of people.

    Was it easier to compromise or more difficult to track the compromise?